Mobile Lead Capture.


Custom data capture forms, reporting, and data integrations for an agile and mobile workforce.


Mobile LEAD Capture.


What is it?

Zuant is an iOS lead capture platform designed for data on the go.  By combining your lead capture forms and digital media, Zuant gives your team everything they need to capture quality data in one elegant and simple app.  It's easy to use, easy to understand, and most important it's affordable.

Zuant has exceeded our expectations - both related to the product and company.
— Jason, Chiesi USA

How can I use it?

With so many custom, yet generic features, we like to think that the use cases for Zuant are virtually limitless. Did we mention it works offline too?  Currently, our setup team will work alongside you in building Zuant to meet your requirements.  Here's a couple of popular ways people are using Zuant:

  • In place of those clunky (and expensive) scanners at tradeshows and events.
  • On the road to keep up to date with customers and prospects, and as a quick way to opt-in to campaigns with our Eloqua integration.
  • To print, check-in, and scan attendee badges as a registration system at small and medium sized events.

Why should I use it?

You know it's time to bring your lead capture into the digital age and find new ways to improve efficiency and cut costs, but designing and building a custom application is expensive, time consuming, and in the end you can't even be sure anyone will use it.  With Zuant, you can get very close to the custom application you have in mind and because it's made specifically for the iPhone and iPad, you know your users are getting a lovely experience which promotes usage and engagement.  Finally, you can go digital without all the cost, time, and hassle.


Packed Full Of Features

The app is user friendly and has been a big hit at our company; with our customers asking about it and looking to use it as well!
— Laura, Timken Manufacturing



Qualify tradeshow leads with custom questionnaires in a comprehensive range of formats.


Integrate with Eloqua and Salesforce via easy Drag and Drop Cloud Connectors.

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Badge Scanning

Quickly scan barcodes or NFC cards. Support for all major 1D, 2D and QR codes and NFC formats and real-time data connections with the major registration companies such as Experient, Compusystems and ATS.

Live Reporting

Manage your users, set up 3rd party integrations, and view and download your reports and data via Zuant Cloud web portal.

Literature Showroom

Present all your literature on the iPad and via Apple TV, record product interests and include relevant links in ‘thank you’ emails too.

Works Offline

Zuant works offline; sync once to grab your latest data and then you're off! Your data will sync to Zuant Cloud next time you open Zuant when connected to the internet.

World Class Support

Our friendly support team are on hand to help you streamline your lead retrieval process, train your users and to help you at any time.

Fast Business Card Scan

Utilising optical character recognition technology (OCR) Zuant now enables you to collect and automatically transcribe business card data. Getting leads has never been so quick and easy.

Thank You Emails

Connect with contacts directly with key points of interest. ‘Thank you’ emails are quick, simple and customizable from Zuant.

Forward Leads

Have a hot lead that requires immediate follow up? The forward lead function gives the user a quick and easy way of emailing the lead directly from the app.

Park Leads

Save your leads during busy spells and come back to finish them later.

Pick A Winner

A crowd gathering feature which selects a lead at random from your data. Perfect for syncing to a big screen with Apple TV and building a crowd around your booth.


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