Zuant Mobile Data Capture


Zuant Mobile Data Capture

So much more than mobile lead capture.


Zuant is a lead capture platform that puts you in control. It can be configured to accomodate a wide range of lead capture requirements.


Push your leads to external systems such as Eloqua, Salesforce or any HTTP endpoint.

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Badge Scanning

Quickly scan barcodes or NFC cards. Support for all major 1D, 2D and QR codes and NFC formats as well as real-time API connections with the major registration companies such as Experient, Compusystems, ATS, and more.

Live Reporting

Slice and dice your lead data in the Zuant Cloud. Build custom reports, view detailed question data and export to PDF.

Literature Showroom

Present your digital content and record product in Showroom. Links are embedded in follow-up emails for fast, paper free delivery.

Works Offline

Zuant is designed from the ground up to work offline, the entire experience is seamless and just works wherever you are. Freedom!

World Class Support

Our friendly support team are on hand to help you streamline your lead retrieval process every step of the way.

FAST Business Card Scan

Using the latest in OCR technology Zuant transcribes your business cards for you. There's no longer an excuse for not entereing those cards!

Thank You Emails

Configure lead submissions to trigger email sends for instant conversation follow-up to keep the ball rolling.

Forward Leads

Have a hot lead that requires immediate follow up? Forward the lead via email directly from the app.

Park Leads

Save your leads during busy spells and come back to finish them later.

Pick A Winner

A crowd gathering feature which selects a lead at random from your data. Ideal for event giveaways and adds excitement to your booth.

What is Zuant?


What is Zuant?

Reduce the noise and get back to having good sales conversations.

Digital lead capture isn't anything particularly new.  As the masses have rushed to automate and streamline their marketing processes the life of a sales lead has shot up in complexity as it bounces around a sea of different technical systems.

At Zuant we are passionate about simplifying things. Whilst we do love our tech, we still remember the good old days where the focus was on the conversation.  Simplicity and speed sit at the core of absolutely everything we do.  Our goal is to keep you in control of the technology, not the technology in control of you.

The flexibility of the product has enabled us to capture better quality data at our tradeshows and better visibility into our ROI
— Jon, Shape USA

Why should I use it?

You know it's time to bring your lead capture into the digital age and find new ways to improve efficiency and cut costs, but designing and building a custom application can be expensive and time consuming. 

With Zuant, you can get very close to the custom application you have in mind with our flexible platform. Get in touch to see how Zuant can transform your mobile lead capture.

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CRM Integrations

Zuant  integrates with 3rd party systems to help streamline your data pipeline.


CRM Integrations

Zuant  integrates with 3rd party systems to help streamline your data pipeline.

Get data where it needs to be. Faster.

Zuant currently integrates with, Eloqua, and can post data via http.  Our concept of Integration Machines give you the ability to build up field mapping relationships between Zuant and the third party form/object in a simple drag-drop interface, this is all configured in our web portal.


Data flow overview


web portal interface

Within the Integration interface you also have the option to do more advanced things such as automatic value transformations, default values, and more.  These combine to give you a very flexible and powerful workflow.

Zuant has all the features we need for our tradeshows, as well as Eloqua integration - which saves us time on manual uploads for our leads.
— Arpine, AVID

Showing some interest?


Showing some interest?

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