Zuant Vault & GDPR

Compliant lead capture
in one simple app

With GDPR and other privacy regulations, there are a number of different tasks you need to be able to perform.  Ranging from capturing consent, providing a data subject with the information you know about them, or erasing personal information.

Capture consent and
opt-ins painlessly

Privacy statements, optional signature boxes and consent widgets can be dropped into your Zuant forms to collect consent at the point of capture. These form a key part of the compliance workflow.

Field level sync and dedupe across all devices

Zuant’s sync mechanism dedupes your data at an individual field level, ensuring your team always has the most up-to-date contact preferences and details on their device.

Performing a data subject request has never been so easy

With a few clicks and the right access level, you can quickly locate a contact to be removed from the system entirely and provide a full audit trail of their data.

Key highlights of Zuant Vault

DNA Level Compliance

Fully auditable data trails for all data activity ensures proof of GDPR compliance for all contacts. Data evaporation helps to ensure data doesn’t stick around on devices for longer than it should.


A bullet-proof synchronization mechanism enables more sophisticated management of your data inside Zuant. This includes field-level dedupe and sync history.


A taskforce of bots at your disposal to manage and maintain your data.

Consent Widgets

Flexible widgets ensure you capture the consent you require.