Our customer reviews

I love it, yeah I love it, it’s really great, and it’s sitting here syncing by itself, I’m not having to tell it to sync.
I like it because you have more ability to customize and also the customer service, you guys are great with that.
It’s fabulous to upload information really quickly and then it allows me to generate any type of sample requests… It’s easy access, instead of taking a bunch of information down it automatically loads.
Use it on the iPad mini, very easy, great because you can type things in while talking to the customer, you can immediately email them which is really neat.
"It is so easy, so simple and it picks up from afar, there's no struggles, I love it".
It's a modern age, digital technology, the fact we can get information to them almost instantly.
Showroom has been a major step forward for us – in the old days it cost a small fortune to continually prepare content for events, combined with the complexity with presenting them on multiple TV screens around our booth. Then, for Interpack 2017 we were able to jump forward with Zuant, which was quick and easy to set up. Customers enjoyed the easy access to our content and they loved the sheer quality of the imagery in the background.