Zuant Office Check-in App

Back to work safely.

The post COVID work world is always going to be difficult. More homeworking, fewer visits to the office. Which makes it hard to know who’s in at any time. That’s a problem not just for COVID track and trace, but all the other aspects of office life. If there is a fire, for instance, how do you know who is in the building?

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A seamless experience the moment they step through the door.

Capture contact details in a compliant and stress-free way.

And that’s where Zuant comes in. It’s contactless; it uses personal phones, and the simple scan of a QR code in and out of the building is all that’s needed.

Three simple steps to keep visitors and employees safe.

Display a Zuant Pinpoint poster at the entrance and exit of your establishment. Visitors can easily scan the QR code using their phone, enter their contact details into a form, and scan an exit poster when leaving. Visitors returning within 21 days simply scan the QR code and don’t need to re-enter their details.

A fully compliant tool that integrates with HR Systems.

Zuant Track & Trace app knows who visited your establishment, and when. Our compliant engagement technology can help identify at-risk visitors should a covid threat be identified and allows you to capture the opt-in’s and contact details, that flow directly into your HR System.

Track office traffic in real-time with Zuant Cloud.

Review the reporting dashboard to gain insight into your busy periods by the hour across multiple days.

Contact capture for a COVID world.

Our features help you to streamline your data capture process.


Create your own QR code posters.

Our easy to use tool will allow you to download and print an unlimited number of Zuant PinPoint posters.


Manage multiple locations from one place.

Zuant can help you manage multiple sites in one simple account.


Identify potentially infected employees and visitors.

Easily search for a visitor on the date they attended if a COVID threat has occurred.

I like it because you have more ability to customize and also the customer service, you guys are great with that.
Esther Kim
Events Marketing Manager, GuideSpark
It's a modern age, digital technology, the fact we can get information to them almost instantly.
Michelle Bartlett
Dealer Business Area Manager & MARCOMS, Volvo Penta