Retail enhancement app

Making Retail a better experience.

The High Street isn’t dead, it is now the Hybrid Street. Technology is seamlessly merging in-person with online experiences to respond to COVID. No-one wants to make that high value purchase online; jewelry, furniture, a car, a phone. But with fewer customers allowed in stores, you need to make it easy for walk-ups to schedule appointments.

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A seamless experience before they step through the door.

Don’t let walk-ups walk away.

Enter ZAP! the Zuant appointment process app. Potential customers scan the QR code displayed on the entrance to the store on their phone and book an appointment time. You can customize the appointment with extra questions and even provide access to product videos and brochures in the form.

Integrated with Marketing and Sales.

Getting marketing opt-ins was never the priority of store management. Now you can get GDPR consent when your customers are looking to engage. And that feeds straight back into your cloud CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

Enhancing the in-store experience.

Now let’s move in-store, and imagine customers are just browsing but still want product information. A Zuant Infopoint QR makes this so much easier and still contactless. Point the phone at the code and open up a world of specs, prices, videos, and FAQs. And Zuant is tracking product interests even weighted by dwell time for each item…

Seamlessly combine in-person with online.

Busy people may not have time to get down to their local store for pre-purchase research, so give them an easy 3D version on their home computer or iPad. It’s the same store photographed in 3D with all the same products and aisles and Zuant Infopoints, this time enhanced by Chat Room capability to answer any questions as if in-store.

Track footfall in real-time with Zuant Cloud.

Review the reporting dashboard to gain insight into your busy periods by the hour across multiple days.

The world of Hybrid Retail has arrived.

Our features help you to streamline your data capture capabilities.


Create your own QR code posters.

Our easy to use tool will allow you to download and print an unlimited number of Zuant PinPoint and Infopoint posters.


Manage multiple locations from one place.

Zuant can help you manage multiple stores in one simple account.


Identify potentially infected customers.

Easily search for a visitor on the date they attended if a COVID threat has occurred.


Thank customers for their business.

Send promotional offers, brochures, spec sheets to customers who’ve opted-in to marketing promotions.

I like it because you have more ability to customize and also the customer service, you guys are great with that.
Esther Kim
Events Marketing Manager, GuideSpark
It's a modern age, digital technology, the fact we can get information to them almost instantly.
Michelle Bartlett
Dealer Business Area Manager & MARCOMS, Volvo Penta