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Take your digital content to the next level with Showroom

Pool your digital assets and ensure content is always up-to-date when your team is on the go. Send links to your collateral in follow-up emails straight from the Zuant app.

Stop printing, shipping and lugging brochures around, unnecessarily.

Your content is readily available offline for when your team needs it most, for presentation, reference or to email to prospects right away. 

Keep organised and prepared by uploading supporting documents and videos.

Easily manage your collateral in Zuant Cloud, build logical navigational structures for your team to access the right content quickly.  Combined with Zuant’s Custom Skins, design a branded and highly visual Showroom experience.

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Showroom has been a major step forward for us – in the old days it cost a small fortune to continually prepare content for events, combined with the complexity with presenting them on multiple TV screens around our booth. Then, for Interpack 2017 we were able to jump forward with Zuant, which was quick and easy to set up. Customers enjoyed the easy access to our content and they loved the sheer quality of the imagery in the background.
Jesse Wijnberg
Senior Digital Marketing Manager EMEAI, Dow

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Stay Organized

Tag your content to create an organised library that is easy to navigate and browse.


Email Content

Send content links directly from Zuant to save time and resources.


Media Support

Display content in Showroom using
.pdf, .jpg, .png, .mp4, .mov