Mobile Marketing Software for your Marketing Managers

More qualified leads for less money…

At shows, renting individual scanners is expensive and very limited in the data that can be captured. With Zuant you have a product that sales people actually enjoy using so that you at last get real, qualified leads and a streamlined system which will save $,000s running across multiple devices.

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A lead capture system that’s as flexible as it is powerful.

Let your brand take centre stage with a customizable experience.

Zuant is your branded app full of the latest content and videos for your sales team to use on the road and at shows and events. With Zuant’s Content Showroom, there’s no hard-copy to ship, and the sales team always have the very latest materials at their disposal.

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Email Opens and Timing are the indicators of engagement…

Gain visibility to prospects’ engagement through email follow-up reporting with Click & Open rates, and literature reporting to show which marketing materials are the most popular.

Simply manage all your event data in one place…

Zuant Cloud portal provides an overview of each event’s performance, and allows you to create real ROI reporting from actual data.

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Never be on the back foot
with Zuant Vault.

Zuant has set the standard in minimum customer irritation and maximum data privacy & compliance handling with its Zuant Vault Data Management System.

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Data capture for the digital age.

Our features help you to streamline your lead capture capabilities that keeps the whole team connected.


Scan. Import. Save.

Scan business cards quickly and accurately. Ideal for large trade shows or out on the open road.


Keep working…
even when the wifi isn’t.

Built from the ground up to work seamlessly wherever you happen to be. Sync and go.


Create a winning atmosphere.

Configurable prize draw feature pulls in the crowd and adds buzz to the booth!


Take notes quickly and easily.

Dictate or type notes in Zuant to help sales pick up the conversation where you left off.


Easy management for multiple users.

Add members of your team with ease and set them up with the tools they need in seconds saving you time and money.


Android, iOS and Web compatible.

Have full coverage for your personal devices no matter what system you’re running on.


Let Zuant do the legwork for you.

Weight your answers to assist in qualifying your leads. Help steer your sales follow-up in the right direction.


Don’t get hung up and stressed out.

For those busy flurries of booth activity, you simply scan, park, repeat. Leads save locally to finish-up later.

I love it, yeah I love it, it’s really great, and it’s sitting here syncing by itself, I’m not having to tell it to sync.
Mark Becerra, Sr.
Territory Manager, Dbvisit
I like it because you have more ability to customize and also the customer service, you guys are great with that.
Esther Kim
Events Marketing Manager, GuideSpark