Zuant QR

At last, lead capture anywhere you want it

And as we all know, QR codes have been around for ages, and a couple of decades ago it was a marketing fad, being added to poster sites, vans and all sorts of advertising. The trouble is, in those days, we didn’t have mobile phones with auto scanners, and the actual usage was relatively minimal.

The start of the customer journey.

Now more than ever we need a way of going online quickly to scan in and out of buildings, and many other contactless applications such as restaurant menus. Ta dah – we love QR codes again!

Zuant QR; a fully featured system for sales & marketing

Back in the marketing world, most applications are still basic, though, and simply take you through to a website for more information. Enter onto the scene, Zuant QR; a fully featured system for sales & marketing which uses the QR as just the start of a contact journey, capturing contact details first, and then supplying an instant message, a follow-up email and allowing your details to flow into a marketing automation system to provide you specific information in relation to your initial interest.

That’s good for your customers and it’s certainly good for the marketer to deliver a service that’s relevant and focused.

So, although QR codes have been around for decades, their ease of use with mobile phones now makes them the quickest way to get your customers online – the start of the customer journey.

Track footfall in real-time with Zuant Cloud

Review the reporting dashboard to gain insight into your busy periods by the hour across multiple days.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a QR event in Zuant Cloud and download QR artwork
  2. Capture contact details.
  3. Create a pop-up instant message to reinforce your product and applications promotion.
  4. Create a thank you email to provide more info and downloadable content for the user.
  5. Manage your leads in Zuant Cloud and connect with your CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

Benefits of Zuant QR

  • No app to download
  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Contactless
  • Lead capture analysis
  • Easy to export to CRM/Marketing Automation
  • Supports end user privacy
  • More engagement with a phone
  • Register contact details just the once
  • Use multiple QRs throughout a webinar
  • Instantly record Product Interests in Zuant Cloud
  • Show leads in real-time for Sales to follow-up