We’re super excited to be a part of the Matterport App Marketplace alongside so many other innovative solutions. Zuant 3D is a result of our partnership with Matterport, allowing companies to provide full engagement and, importantly, to ensure that the all important sales leads are gathered and distributed to sales for follow-up.


Here’s a summary of the key features:


Sales Leads – full visitor tracking is probably the No.1 feature so that digital twin owners can differentiate between visitors and prioritise the sales follow-up that might be needed. Automatic lead generation summarises the visitor’s activity in the space and can automatically push lead forms out to sales without delay.


Management Portal – Matterport photography becomes so addictive with such a variety of applications that soon arrive as you get immersed in the technology. Having one place to manage all of these spaces to ensure that they are readily available and set-up to suit each marketing application then becomes an important part of any 3D workflow. The Zuant 3D portal is the place for this and is so easy to use.


Billboards – Mattertags are great for highlighting individual aspects, but what if you have a range of specifications that you’d like to share with your Visitors? Zuant Billboards become the solution for content sharing with a wide variety of options at just the right time in a space.


Navigation – Zuant Black Box Navigation allows you to create endless and engaging customer journeys to provide ease of access and shorten the browse time so that visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for very quickly.


Live Receptionist – particularly for some retail 3D applications, visitors may want to browse without revealing their identity. The novelty of a real person to greet you and help you find what you are looking for can be a real service winner without being intrusive.


Micro Forms – this feature has both a helpful guiding role, which in turn allows preferences to be stored automatically for future visits to a 3D space.


We believe Zuant 3D provides a fantastic range of features to exploit your Matterport experience and dramatically improve your marketing’s R.O.I.