We are the go-to software platform for
sales and marketing.

Trusted by the world’s top brands to streamline and standardise their data capture.


Our Story.

We’re a self-funded, independent company with all of our tech development based out of two offices in the UK’s Silicon Valley. From here, we orchestrate our global operations and are building great partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands.

What began with boxes and boxes of lead capture forms, processed weeks after an event when the leads had gone cold, has blossomed into a digital platform in pursuit of ease and speed. And the name Zuant? It’s derived from the medieval Anglo-French word suant – meaning fast and light.

Get to know the team behind the product.

We’re a lively group of experienced and smart people who each bring something special to the table. Being collaborative, inventive, and loving what we do is what makes Zuant the thriving company that it is today.

Pete Gillett

Managing Director

Dave Hickson

Solution Architect

Leanne Spratt

Product Manager

Valentin Kalchev

iOS Lead Developer

Dave Beazer

Web Developer

Kate Ballard

Account Manager

Rachel Jeans

Account Manager

Courtney Hill

Account Manager

Laura Schwier

Account Manager

Charlotte Rimmer

Account Manager