What’s the first step to getting my event set up within Zuant?

For us to begin the process of setting up your event (creating questionnaires, researching badge scanning options, updating the literature showroom, setting up thank you emails etc.) you will need to fill out our checklist at least 4 - 6 weeks prior to the event.


Is badge scanning available at all events?

Unfortunately not. Badge scanning varies for each show and is solely dependent on which company the event organisers contract for their badging/lead retrieval, if any at all. For the majority of US based events badge scanning is available, however, not all events provide this service, so we will contact the event organisers for you and let you know what options are available.

If badge scanning is not available at your event, then our Fast Business Card Scanning feature is a great alternative.

What is a Developer’s Badge Kit?

A developer’s badge kit is basically a set of instructions that enables us to configure our application to read the information on the barcodes. We purchase these from the contracted lead retrieval/registration companies at each event. This gives us the ability to work alongside the badging companies to set you up with scanning on the Zuant app and pull in attendee contact information easily.

How much does badge scanning cost?

This will also vary for each show. US based events generally offer badge kits ranging from anywhere between free and $800. Events around the rest of the world are a little more difficult to predict, your account managers will be able to help gather this information for you.

What is Fast Business Card Scanning?

Fast Business Card scanning is a feature that can be added to your Zuant package for an annual fee of $500. This can be used for as many events as you would like throughout the year and has made capturing contact information incredibly quick and easy for a vast range of our clients. Utilising Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology Zuant is now able to collect and automatically transcribe business card data straight in to your Zuant form. All you need to do is take a clear photo of the business card and let Zuant do the rest!

How much time should I allow before shows?

We require at least 4-6 weeks’ notice before each event – so as soon as you decide to exhibit at a show it would be best to fill out a checklist. This allows us enough time to collect all of the information relevant for your set up and means that we have plenty of time to take care of everything so that you have one less thing to worry about.

What can I do as a Show Worker?

A Show Worker will only have access to ‘Published’ events in the Zuant app and will be able to access the reporting for all events on the Zuant portal.

What can I do as a Power User?

A Power User will have visibility of ‘Published’ and ‘Draft’ forms in the Zuant app. As a Power User you will also have full access to the Zuant portal. From here you can create/update users, manage integration settings, access reporting and manage/download lead data for each event.

How do I access my leads online?

The first step is to check for any ‘parked’ leads, then simply complete and submit them (‘parked’ leads will not sync up to the Zuant Cloud). Once you have ensured all leads are submitted, connect to the internet and ‘sync’ each device to 100%, this will ensure all of your leads have been pushed up to the cloud and saved for viewing within the Zuant Portal.

‘Power Users’ can then log on to the Zuant Portal, click on to your event and select the ‘Lead Grid’ tab to view and edit your leads. Once you’re happy with the data you can select ‘download leads’ to open and save the table as an excel spreadsheet.

How do I contact the Zuant team if I have an issue?

You will be in regular contact with your Zuant Account Manager, who will be able to support you via email and over the phone. If you need any urgent attention, or just some more information, our details are below:

We have a 24 hour phone line – +44 (0) 1344 350 250 / +1 866 616 4958

General Inquiries – info@zuant.com

Support address – support@zuant.com

In order to log into the app you must be issued a username and password – if you need this setting up, or have forgotten the details, you can contact your account manager or anyone else set up in your account as a ‘Power User’.

If you are still having problems here’s a few things to be aware of;

  • You must be connected to the internet in order to log into the app (once you have logged in you do not need to remain connected, just ensure you connect again at the end of the day to ‘sync’).
  • Check for any spelling errors, the passwords are case sensitive
  • Check that you are using the most up-to-date version of Zuant. To check this, simply go to your App Store and search for Zuant. If the button that appears next to it says ‘Update’, click on this and wait for the update to complete.

Why can’t I log into the Zuant app?

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by signing into portal.zuant.com, accessing users, locating your credentials and update your password there.

Where can I get training for myself and my team?

Here's our new training video covering everything you will need to know about the app and how to use it. If you would like additional training then you can reach out to your Zuant account manager and they will be able to offer some online training options.

I have submitted my checklist – what next?

The next step in the Zuant Setup process is for you to supply all the necessary information regarding your show set up. This includes sending your questionnaire and thank you email documents to your account manager and updating your allocated Dropbox account with any updates to your literature. Your account manager will be in contact to discuss the next steps.

Why can’t I see my event in the app?

Submitting a checklist does not instantly create an event in your account, your account manager will be working to set this up. If you have submitted a checklist and been in contact with your Account Manager, you should receive the green light from them once it is ready. You will then need to sync your device to 100% to view and check over your questionnaire prior to the event start date.

It is important that you ensure you have connected to the internet and synchronised to 100%, if you still cannot view your form then you will need to contact your account manager for further assistance. If a form is in ‘draft’ mode and you are logging in as a ‘show worker’, you will not be able to see it listed and your account manager will need to ‘publish’ it for you.

You may have a lot of data loaded into your account, either through pre-registration lists which have been loaded, your CRM data or possibly you have a lot of literature. Ensure you leave the device with the screen set to never sleep and wait for the sync to finish. You can ask your Account Manager to remove any data which is no longer needed to help speed up your sync process.

It's taking some time to sync, why?

Why is the badge / business card scanning not working?

The scanning feature requires your devices’ camera to scan so you must ensure that you are using an apple device with Auto-focus camera e.g. iPad 3 or newer.

The first time you scan using Zuant, you will get a pop-up asking for access to the camera – make sure you tap ‘okay’. If you accidentally hit ‘Don’t allow’ then simply follow these steps to enable access.

  • Go to your devices’ settings
  • Tap on the ‘Privacy’ tab > Camera
  • You should see Zuant listed with a toggle switch, tap this so it’s green

If the camera is allowing you to scan barcodes, but is not pulling in the information as expected, there could be some other issues. If you have been set up with an API badge kit then you will need constant connectivity to the internet in order to pull down the full contact information in to Zuant. This is because Zuant has to ‘talk’ to the registration companies server to retrieve the lead data and cannot complete this action without internet.

If you do have access to the internet but are still having issues with the scanning then please contact your account manager. If you can take a clear picture of the badges that you are scanning and send it to your account manager then this will help aid them in resolving your issue.