Hector Garcia, CTSM, at Verizon cuts to the chase in evaluating his 1st Year applying Zuant to his busy tradeshow program:


What challenges did you face that led you to look for a new solution for your event strategies?

• Inconsistent lead qualification.
• Little to no visibility to visitor traffic, visitor to lead conversion, or customer visitors.
• Lead upload into CRM systems can take more than 5 days due to delay in receiving leads from show registration or lead systems when available.

• Up to 500 leads per year are manually typed in from lead forms or business cards.


The Verizon Networkfleet event program was focused on high volume lead acquisition through participation in B2B tradeshows, partnership with Verizon Wireless events and association memberships. With this high volume the team was strained to reliably capture the data from lead forms that had been used at all events up until I joined the team and identified this as an operations issue. Working on processing lead forms was distracting from the teams’ capacity to plan other shows and had to be addressed to prevent leads from going cold waiting to be captured into our CRM system.


What criteria did you follow when looking for a solution provider?

• Lead qualification with branching and unlimited questions
• Reports of visitor traffic by hour, conversion rates, ROI
• Lead capture via business card scan, manual entry, badge mapping & RFID options
• Cloud based system access
• Hardware compatibility options
• Availability to deliver content to leads
• Integration capabilities with multiple CRM systems
• System, support and integration fees.


It was important to me that the system offer more than scanning, but rich data with the ability to analyze our staff performance to further improve our program. Additionally a simple user interface for both staff and administrators was a requirement given the number and geographic distribution of our teams. As an added benefit we wanted to transition from delivering printed materials to digital content through a single system.


Why did you choose Zuant?

Zuant met the majority of our requirements out of the gate with a very user friendly interface for both show staff and admin users, easy setup changes from event to event, fast business card capture, constant cloud sync, and a robust admin portal. Their responsiveness, industry knowledge and ongoing service have become instrumental to our event program’s success.


Can you discuss the solutions Zuant was able to provide Verizon?

• Highly automated event lead capture system with CRM system integrations to deliver content.


Can you share your success metrics following the implementation of Zuant?

“Events are a key source of our fleet solutions’ MQLs, and by adding Zuant we were able to gain visibility to prospect and customer touch points, segment our interactions with them and further accelerate our sales pipeline,” said Hector Garcia.

Notes on performance from 2015 to 2016 of which Zuant was a contributor to our results along with other strategic initiatives to improve our events program.
• Doubled sales opportunities with increase in qualified leads from better and consistent data collection at all events.
• 156% YOY increase in sales opportunities from events.
• 287% YOY increase in unit sales from events.