Stateside healthcare is rocketing into the future

Hosted in Florida, The Himss Annual Conference and Exhibition is a huge, cutting edge, IT healthcare event boasting 40,000+ visitors from the health IT industry from all over the world. With the high percentage of beautiful, and suitably high tech cars lined up outside the exhibition center, it’s clear this industry is going places fast.

This year Zuant was back to support its clients exhibiting at the event, going from 2 clients last year to over a dozen this year and over 100 Zuant iPhone devices. It was especially great to see our special development for Honeywell in action; adapting Zuant loaded iPad Mini’s to fit Honeywell scanning devices, creating a seamless hybrid device for lead capture and badge scanning. All the event staff needed to do was point the device and ‘ping’, the Badge Barcode is a digital lead, ready for sales and marketing to work their magic on.

Inside the bustling event hall, it was also refreshing to see the amazing technical advances that can and should be used in the healthcare industry. With no disrespect to the NHS, the powerful tech available in the USA healthcare business is awkwardly incomparable with the UK. Evidently the NHS does great work and allows health access to all in the country, but seeing the pioneering technologies available is a realization that when healthcare is run as a business, it can be brought into the 21st century and disrupt the way the industry is run for the better.