You are rushing around getting your stand together, making sure the swag is ordered and will be delivered, and the crew are briefed.  But what are you doing to make sure that the money spent on exhibiting will generate a fantastic ROI? I assume that you are exhibiting to generate new leads.  If you are not, then STOP READING NOW.


For the rest of you, exhibiting’s dirty little secret is that 83% of leads from shows do not get followed up. Sadly that number hasn’t changed for years. Your team is fired up and scans delegated. So now you have their contact details. Perhaps you have a short conversation. After the show a “bunch of contacts” gets thrown at the sales teams. Without any ranking, context or back story it is often easier for the sales guys to ignore them and keep farming their existing pipeline. Hence the 83% not followed-up.


It doesn’t have to be that way. Zuant is a native iPad lad capture app which transforms the professionalism of your show workers, but also ensures you follow-up better.  It is a native app as wifi at shows is patchy at best – DF will be no better. Before the show you can set up the lead qualification questions you want your team to be asking. You can load up any brochures, pricelists and case study videos. As delegates come onto your stand your team can scan business cards, ask the questions, show collateral and at the end of the conversation everything is stored. The delegate gets sent the collateral they wanted and a summary of the conversation. When the iPad finds a signal it syncs back to the server and all the other iPads. At the end of the show all the leads with the supporting information are transferred to Salesforce for the sales guys to follow up.


Dreamforce my just be around the corner, but Zuant is so easy to install and configure you have plenty of time to make a better impression that the stand next to you. And it costs way less that you think.