Helping you comply with GDPR

In order to comply with GDPR there are a number of different tasks you need to be able to perform on your data.  This could include a data subject requesting what information you know about them, providing an audit trail, or erasing them from your system entirely.   This is where a ZuBot comes in... these handy little helpers can be configured to carry out various tasks and report back as their mission progresses.

OK, I’ll remove all traces of Jim Simmonds from the system & will email you when I’m done.
— Gerald 426 | Data removal ZuBot


Fully auditable data trails for all data activity ensures proof of GDPR compliance for all contacts.  Data evaporation helps to ensure data doesn't stick around on devices for longer than it should.



An all new bullet proof synchronization mechanism enables more sophisticated management of your data inside Zuant.  This includes field level history and sync.



A taskforce of bots at your disposal to manage and maintain your data.

data vault.png

Data Vault

Rebuilt from the ground up, our new data processing layer is our best ever.


Consent widgets

Privacy statements and consent widgets can be dropped into your Zuant forms to capture consent at the point of capture. These form a key part of the compliance workflow.

So...What is GDPR again?

On May 25, 2018, GDPR came into play (for EU citizens anyway). It's a much needed update to data privacy and aims to boost confidence in data sharing. You can find more info regarding GDRP and compliance in our help hub.