Unveiled Feb. 26 at ExhibitorLivein Las Vegas, the new features are designed to help exhibiting companies reinforce their corporate brand and personalize customer engagement while driving revenue by shortening the sales cycle.  

Zuant Custom Skins: enables event marketers and sales reps to not only customize the entire app with their own brand identity but also with rich graphical backgrounds, enabling marketing and sales teams to deliver a higher level of quality presentation for both in-store point-of-sale displays and on the road. With this new feature, users can present content and capture data at the same time in a more engaging manner. See how it works HERE.

Digital and Traditional Marketers Aren’t So Different After All

Digital and Traditional Marketers Aren’t So Different After All

What can digital marketers learn from us more traditional marketing types now that the economy is growing at a healthy clip all around the world? To focus their minds on both sides of the sales and marketing divide.

When we’re talking B2B marketing, there is a widening gulf between what digital marketing can deliver and what the traditional sales teams do in their day-to-day business. Too much marketing content is off-target and not pertinent to specific audiences.

Digital marketers need to stand back for now and do less but better content. They also need to play the numbers game.