Changing from annual to monthly staff reviews for $500

One of the challenges of a growing company is keeping the culture and brand values as you scale up the team. We have a young and committed team which responds well to rewards. At the end of each year the team votes on the MVP (most valuable player) and they get a check for $2500.  One person is happy and everyone has had an informal review. We have just changed it. Now it is a monthly vote for the MVP and each month there is a wad of $250 in $1 bills.  The amount is smaller but it still makes a difference to the person who earns it. Note: They earn it, they don't win it. They are voted on by their colleagues with comments - which are open, honest and fantastic.

So it has cost an extra $500, but has made a whole world of difference.

People get to see the positive comments about them every month, not at the end of the year and an extra 11 people get a little something.