Business card transcription

To get the most out of our 'Fast Business Card Scanning' feature, there are a few key tips which will help produce an accurate transcription.

  1. Ensure the business card fills the view finder
  2. Make sure your fingers aren't covering key pieces of information
  3. Good lighting will ensure an accurate reading
  4. Wait until the business card comes into focus

Collecting valuable data

We've found that clients tend to capture valuable data from their qualifying questionnaire when they keep it short n' sweet.

Utilize the tree & branch functionality to help keep questionnaires applicable to the user capturing the information.

Competition is healthy

Insentives are a great way to motivate your sales team on the booth. Visit the Zuant Cloud to access the real-time reporting dashboard to see which salesperson is the 'Top Performer!'

Check & test

It's best practice to sign into Zuant and give your event a once over well ahead of the event start date. This allows enough time for any amendments to be carried out if needed.

Prep devices ahead of rockin' up

We can't stress enough how important it is to ensure all devices are prepped before the big day. Download the app and run a full synchronization as WiFi on the booth isn't always up to scratch!

Download our Go2Guide as a checklist to run through for each event.