Zuant for Sales Teams

Welcome to Zuant Everyday

You know the feeling; you've been that road warrior, hopping between meetings, making notes on your yellow quarto pad, filling your top suit pocket with business cards, and at the end of the day, just sneaking in on time for supper with the kids jumping all over you, before that beer to trigger the unwind…

Who in their right mind would choose this moment to expect you to grab your laptop and start adding your valuable sales leads into a clunky CRM system. Madness, it's not going to happen – and doesn't.

Walk on stage Zuant. This is what iOS devices were made for. Always connected, instant switch on, fast and productive – everything a laptop isn't.

And why shouldn't software be stylish and satisfying to use? Zuant certainly is, and that's why thousands of users around the world use Zuantmobile lead capture as part of this productive, day-to-day sales process. Certainly, not in the evening when they're kicking back, refreshing for the next day's battles.

The key features:

1. All your salesforce contacts loaded with any profile fields required as well.

2.  New contact business cards quickly scanned in using fast OCR business card scanner.

3. Your content Showroom is always bang up-to-date with your latest brochures, videos and spec sheets to present directly from your iPad or even straight from your iPhone connected to a TV. And remember, this is all off-line, so no waiting for connections or fizzy video buffering. Straight in to uninterrupted, smooth presenting!

4. Lead qualification is just a fast – profiling questions feature fast radio buttons or multiple selection tick boxes to simply swipe through your Zuant pages.

5. Those all so important notes quickly captured with the lead information using Siri.

6. And those videos or brochures you presented at the meeting? They are selected as hyperlinks to go in your meeting thank you email which also gets sent as soon as Zuant syncs after the meeting.


And all of this completed before you even leave your customers car park, in the lovely knowledge that everything will be sitting automatically in salesforce via autosync before you even get home – now that is satisfying!