"No lead left behind"

At the recent London Eloqua Experience conference I have one phrase used several times, "No lead left behind". You would think that for salesmen the "marketing qualified lead" is the oxygen that they need to exist. And a good source of leads is conferences, exhibitions and tradeshows. The other staggering statistic I heard at the conference was 83% of leads are never followed up. 83% What a desperate waste.

83% is an amazing figure. But if you have been to an exhibition and chatted on any of the stands think back to how well you were you followed up afterward. Was there any contact? If so, was it a generic email with no reference to the discussions you had on the stand. No actions that were specific to your needs. No information that met your requirements.

The marketing team has moved heaven and earth to get everything to the exhibition; branding, stand, collateral, show workers. And the cost is huge. so how can the only output from an exhibition - leads - be squandered so easily?

Zuant is changing that. It can't make your salesmen follow up. But it can make sure the show workers ask directed questions. It can make it easy to send marketing materials straight to the potential client. And then the leads can be transferred directly to your CRM or marketing application so they can be qualified.