Why running a great event DOESN'T get you promoted

Your event was a huge success. Even your CEO congratulated you and your team from the main stage. Any you deserved it. You work you butt off, coordinating all the different teams, managing the politics and watching the budgets.  If feels like you haven't slept more than 4 hours any night for the last month. So all that stands between you and a glass of red wine is the feedback forms. As the Event Manager, surely a perfectly executed annual user conference means that you are in line for the Senior Marketing Manager role?

Sadly not.  You have made yourself indispensable. No one else could be trusted with such a high profile event. You know everything and everyone to make it a success. And besides, you've done it for the last 3 years. The first year was a nightmare as you had to learn everything, the second was easier and you enjoyed the adulation, but now it is time to move on AND UP.

Your success is actually holding you back. You could be stuck being "Queen of the Annual User Conference" for the next 5 years.  Why - because you have all the knowledge.  So how do you break out of this cycle?   You need to make yourself dispensable. Sounds scary as you feel like you could lose your job, but the only way is up.

That's where LessEventAdmin can help.  It is a central place for all communication and collaboration for event planning, coordination and execution. It tracks all the budgets, the supplier quotes, invoice, payments and contact details. The team can post great ideas and feedback. You can delegate jobs to team members and suppliers. Suddenly it is not all in your head. You can easily train your successor and move on and up to do more interesting (and less stressful) things.

Sounds simple. It is.