Looking forward to the summer. Why? Fewer exhibitions!!!

Life at Zuant is getting manic due to the popularity of our mobile lead generation application. Our existing clients are using for it more and more exhibitions. And they are recommending it to others. We have switched off GoogleAds but are still getting more leads that we can handle and still maintain the level of professionalism that our clients expect and value. It is a great problem to have when companies around us are struggling. But we would rather do a great job for fewer clients, and a shoddy job for lots.

One of the reasons our application is proving so popular is that as much as 80% of leads (industry stats, not ours) are NOT FOLLOWED UP after an exhibition. That is a criminal waste when you consider the cost of exhibiting. With the Zuant app clients are dramatically improving their follow-up rates, which is why they can build an easy ROI for using the app.

So we are looking forward to the Summer, when we can take a breath and make sure we are geared up for a huge Fall exhibition season.

Bring on the sun.